Mr. Perfect performance is always exceptional. In continuation of this year, Aamir Khan's 'PK' went beyond everyone. Do not cut the first two days 'PK' income came to 56 million rupees.

Towards the middle of this year was the most commercially successful film salaman khan 'kick'. The first day of the 'kick' was earning 6 million. The first day there were 6 million to 63 million rupees Aamir and Raj Kumar hiranira 'PK'. Do not cut two days it was earning 56 billion.

At the end of 2013Amir was released the movie of Dhoom 3. Discuss this claim box-office stormed Aamir movie. Dhoom 3 earned Rs 300 crore. However, the first two days 'PK' looks like it will be the collection of the most commercially successful film Aamir. Where to now the turn of 'PK' position.