Wanna smell fresh all day? These spots on the ointment applied

Good fragrance can instantly lift your mood. And this is the reason that we continue to struggle for our perfume to last all day. It is expensive or hordes spent ...

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Tips to prevent diabetes

Piggybacking the obesity epidemic, diabetes rates continue to surge. One-fourth of people don't know that they have diabetes, a scary fact, given the complications of chronic high blood sugar: heart ...

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All about hair

Our hair is a great part of our definition of beauty. So take care of our hair should be a big part of our daily routine. Hair loss and baldness ...

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Before you suggest to remember the color of your hair

Popular has always inspired us to the color of our hair. Latest throne Star maisie Williams, the game was tied electric blue hair in the final of Wimbledon.

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This feature, which makes it the most attractive!

A woman is like - this is the most elusive question for everyone in this world? Where he is often surprised to have been left out, is going wrong.

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To suggest pollution to protect your skin

Pollution is the buzzword in the skin for 2016, thanks to new research does for your skin. It is not all doom and smoke sorrow, but it is easy to ...

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Chocolate diamonds are the best friend of a girl!

The coming of the month of February, there is so much waiting for Valentine's week. Starting from February 7-14, is a sign of a special every day. It is to ...

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For Valentine's Day Beauty Tips

- Soft and flirty: Use earthy tones and eye shadow on your face, blush and lip color fresh tons. This tonnes enhance their features and make you fresh and bright. ...

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bejeweled bride

On the day of his wedding, which they call home in the house and there will be a man and step throat!

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12 rules of the perfect shave

Are you up for wacky beard decorations?Beard is the new cool in MollywoodBaby-faced men go for beard graftingFacial care tips for menTips to buy boots

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A sign of hope: an 8-year-old transgender girl's story

Luana her sparkle blue dress with one hand on the possession of Tulle a strand around his body floats, as a guide while using the other hand, the spin.

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4 things to remember when doing yoga

 Yoga Treatment Yoga DO'S and don'ts Will Young comfortable to wear dresses, skirts to keep fit without exercising Are you comfortable

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Unaware of their high blood pressure 10pc BD Rural Adults: Study

Rural Bangladesh by more than 10 percent of adults are unaware of their high blood pressure, and the ratio of a 60-year-old men above the age of 5 years and ...

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Tips to prevent your nails from breaking

Now you have been hoping for eons, that want to apply nail color, just break your nails. Nothing can be more frustrating than this?

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Tips for buying boots

used coffee grounds good that beauty will save the day hacksMakeup hacked! Chinese military you have to be aware hack shoes Restaurant redemption to replace old boots! Book of Style

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7 ways to have a perfect Bollywood wedding!

High profile Indian weddings MasterChef winner Nikita Rahul ramp7 bring alive the most popular foods Carlo Narendra Kumar's first press conference post-marriage Shaandaar Gears up for weddingS Shahid Kapoor who ...

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Will inspire you, the famous failure to be a success

Failed, and within the family, school, workplace, home, happens every day.It is inevitable irritation and frustration causes.

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An evening out how to eat healthy foods

Ready kids, a movie and dinner treat with a fun game plan to go out in the evening.By following a proper diet here are some tips for staying fit and ...

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Easy tips for raising

Parenting is the hardest thing you'll ever do, but it may be a tad easier here are a few things that.

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Sugar foods that can control 5

Here you to control your blood sugar levels if you want to eat.

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