Srabanti opens for the first time after his marriage

Both believe they are pinching that is actually married, and it is no longer a dream. We are talking about the couple tied the knot on July 10 in a ...

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Praktan first week near 2 million in BO collections

Praktan first film in 2016 to have over 1 million in its first three days. And, by the end of the first week, Nandita Ray Shiboprosad Mukherjee clocked 1 million ...

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Rukmini opens the first Dev!

As the perfect model of a decade in the industry, T to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses and his precious relationship.This is to date one of the most desirable in Kolkata? ...

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Shaheb a return as Topshe

Shaheb Bhattacherjee, whose last game was Rahasya Royal Bengal Feluda franchisee Sandip Ray, next feluda venture Sandip Ray, double Feluda is a return as Topshe.

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Dev Amazon adventure begins now!

Kamaleswar Mukherjee, with the team of his guidance, his upcoming venture, Amazon Obhijan with burning midnight oil, is set to go on the floor on May 10.

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Wait trailer does look similar to the Bengali film?

Anu Menon awaited trailer, Shah and Naseerudd star slanderous Koechlin, quite a sensation ever made was released a week.

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Prosenjit in Bipasha Marriage

Shob while shooting Choritro Kalponik,, Rituparno Ghosh had put sandalwood on Bipasha Basu's forehead for the wedding itself.

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Mr. Venkatesh Films production at a new high with its 100 film

Amazon Obhijaan - is ready to start on a new journey with the two building on a decade of success, Mr. Venkatesh Films and their latest film production of its ...

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Dev is ready to pit remakes do not win?

They are our greatest heroes, inheritors of our super quality sumitra heritage. But it can not see Dev and beyond remakes' court victory after?

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Won Big Boss to host season Bungalow 2?

After the great success of the first edition of the Big Boss house, the channel is ready with the second season, tipped to go on air in April. Three months ...

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ki Corey Toke Bolbo Mesmerising shot from injury

February is the season of love. Valentine's Day just round corner and Mimi and the axis of major #RomanceGoals us. Film shot in Bangkok Corey Toke Bolbo, is a part ...

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Tolly celebs choose your favorite patriotic movie

Favorite patriotic film: Border and Bhag Milkha sectionFilm, Border, India-Pakistan war, a large canvas I have watched so far it makes the

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Prosenjit Prakton sometimes kabhie only singing Dil Mein

After 16 years, Prosenjit Chatterjee Shiboprosad Mukherjee and Nandita Roy Prakton sing in his own voice will be seen. Actor Rituparna Sengupta past along with Prabhat Roy Khelaghar (1999) lent ...

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Our Byomkesh International, National: Abir

 Sohini Sarkar Assam Bengali film Rajkahini musicians singing for the case of a star-studded premiere: aashiqui 2 actors Soumyajit Majumdar reminded me of someone from my childhood har har Remove ...

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A Sky party to celebrate 21 years of KIFF

 Nirbashito Awards set another victory were like schoolkids fear: Rituparna Sengupta Flash KIFF inauguration in Kolkata KIFF this year Amitabh Bachchan KIFF moodAdda zone to set the crowd

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Bappaditya Bandopadhyay Remember

In cinema lived by his own faith on Saturday evening his last breath Director,

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Actors Byomkesh TV sets go on unpaid Dibakar Banerjee

 to make a sequel? Detective Byomkesh Bakshy Aashiqui 2 stars Soumyajit Majumdar Lord God made Byomkesh Why set on a ban

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Paoli Dam makes Bollywood return

In her first Hindi film with a bold character, Paoli Dam made headlines back in Bollywood is a difference of three years and after

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Indian Panorama, IFFI selected eight films from Bengal

In many decades in this part of the world for any movie Oscar as India's official entry has been selected. But every year, continues to dominate the Bengal National

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Remove Arindam Shabor before working on the film

Shabor before the end of the movie waiting for more. Remove Arindam Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay, based on a novel of the same name, which Eagoler Chokh title Shabor 'and is working ...

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