New celebrity TV show started today a dish DUI Cook

Coca-Cola Bangladesh is set to begin Thursday, a new cooking show on a dish DUI Cook is going to start.

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Jholmolia 'to be shown today

A documentary film 'Jholmolia- fear water' Saiful 'directed by Wadud Helal New Films, New filmmakers title laia have been selected for screening in the month of December as part of ...

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Permanent marker 'Maasranga Television

Single-event television tonight will play Air permanent marker "7:40 pm Maasranga television. Written and Swarup Chandra Dey's direction, the game Ovi and Nazia around.

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Swiss choreographer to present solo dance in Dhaka

Swiss choreographer and a leading performer Gregory Stauffer walking in the city on April 2, a solo dance performance.

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Mili works in the direction of the first Shamrat

Popular actor-director Khalid Hussain Shamrat and talented actress pharahana Mili their journey in the entertainment of the country at about the same time. However

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Nipa Bijoy TV Dibosh Events to host

Shameem Ara Nipa, which he scripts and direct "Bijoy Chondogatha" said Bijoy Dibosh 'will host a 50-minute special.

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Jalaler Golpo to be screened in Australia

Jalaler Golpo in Adelaide, Canberra and Sydney, Australia, is set to be shown. The story of Abu Shahed Emon and on the basis of the screenplay; Sydney Harsville

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Gaanwala for Eid special

Television actress Tarin has paired up with singer, composer and lyricist Rahul Anand for single Eid special television play “Gaanwala”. Written and directed by Ezaz Munna, the play casts Rahul ...

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Eid drama To Airport

A new TV Drama is coming this Eid featuring the popular on-screen couple Tahsan and Tisha. The drama is called “To Airport”, written and directed by Mizanur Rahman Arian.

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Tumi Amake Boloni

Popular television actor Mahfuz Ahmed ventured into direction in 2006. His directorial debut “Good Bye Senerena” cast Nobel and Aupee Karim in the lead roles. Nearly a decade later,  Mahfuz ...

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“Chocolate Boy"

Popular television actors Shokh and Niloy will be seen together in a single-episode television play and a mini-series this Eid.

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Sumaiya Shimu broken Miaden

After the engagement back in July, popular TV actress Sumaiya Shimu ties the knot with the country director of US-based Relief International, Nazrul Islam on 28th August.

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Sadia Jahan Prova in Rainbow

A new telefilm is scheduled to air on Banglavision this Eid. The telefilm, titled Rainbow, centers on 3 women, dealing with many hardships and betrayals from past relationships.

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1971 set to air on BTV September 5

Bangladesh Television (BTV) will air Liberation War-based television serial “1971” every Saturday at 7pm, starting September 5. 

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Tisha back in Gulbahar

Stories featuring strong female characters are still a bit rare but thanks to a current three part series TV Drama, that scenario is being abolished.

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“Settle Marriage”

Single-episode romantic comedy TV play “Settle Marriage” will air tonight at 8:45pm on ATN Bangla. Written by Maruf Rehman and directed by Mahfuz Ahmed, it casts Fazlur Rahman Babu, Prosun ...

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“Ucchotoro Byaboharik Shikkha”

Emon, who started his journey in the world of entertainment through television, has not been seen regularly on the small screen. The actor is now returning to TV plays after ...

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Tele-film. “Amar Buuk Bhenge Jaye”

Sajal and Hasin, two popular faces of the small screen, have worked together in the past for TV, and are teaming up again for a drama-filled tele-film. “Amar Buuk Bhenge ...

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"Prison Break" will return for 10 episodes

Popular TV drama “Prison Break” will return for 10 episodes after six years. The show about hot tattooed men learning how far they will go for the people they love ...

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“Palta Haowa” is going on air on Banglavision.

National Film Award winning actress Aparna will be seen in special single episode television play “Master Planner”. Written by Syed Zia and directed by Habib Shakil, shooting for the play ...

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