Koto Shopno Koto Asha

Plot: life, love and the love of Bappy he surrounded share with their students. Both groups of children of age and older, who is free with his father. So, ignore ...

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Sujatha wants to be a regular in acting

'Rupban'- famous actress Sujatha, who spend leisure time at the house, he has expressed his desire for

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Hridoy Khan's New Venture

Popular singer-songwriter Hridoy Khan Gyro House has been opened in the name of a restaurant. Recently inauguration ceremony that took place on the note included the

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Badsha the Don Movie Review

This mindless entertainment, but fails to live with you. See it only if you win a fan.Emperor leaves a fan, home of Don Amitabh Bachchan - only to become a ...

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Faria shoot with his mom, right out of a fairytale

On Mother's Day, there just was not any celebrity left upload a photo with his mother. While those who were committed to a black-and-white era of the photo,

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Zahid Hasan on the big screen

5 years later, the upcoming film Zahid Hasan Iftekhar Chowdhury once again slated to appear on the big screen in ' "Bijlee."

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"Oggatonama" Naples is free is nominated at the Gulf Film Festival

"Oggatonama Tauquir Ahmed" (unnamed) was recently selected as a nominee for Best Fiction Feature at the Bay of Naples Independent Film Festival. A space to promote

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Joya 'Purnodoirgho love Kahini-2' hits cinemas

Pahela Baishakh, Joya Ahsan-film has been released in the title 'Purnodoirgho love Kahini-2' 'the country's cinema last Friday on the occasion of the new film. Popular

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Agreement, Dona, Selim together telefilm

National Film Award-winning actor Shahiduzzaman Selim and famous model-actress Sadia Islam agreement, Dona Hussein 'Kichhu Smrity Kichhu Bhul' title will be seen

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The government canceled the National Film Award for 'Brihonnola'

After this year, the National Film Awards announced, accused of plagiarism in the making of this government have been raised against the 'Brihonnola' to fund the

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"Our bariani more delicious than Hyderabad"

Jaya Ahsan has been busy with shoots in Dhaka and Kolkata. In the film 'Purnodoirgho love Kahini 2 "Dhaka and in other parts of the country today. A dialogue with ...

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India-Bangladesh production 'Sankhachil' name for the Bengali film

The famous Indian filmmaker Goutam Ghose's film 'Sankhachil', popular Bangladeshi actress Kusum Sikder and prominent Indian film actor Prosenjit star, Indian National Film Award has been given the name of ...

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The uncertainty of the cloud cleared, Hero 420, released Friday

Hero 420 new generation Bangladeshi model-turned-actress Nusraat Faria- film's second film production recently in the United (Kalkata Bangladesh Jazz Multimedia and Eskay Movies) struggling film due for release in Bangladesh ...

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Mousumi, Riaz together for the first time in the telefilm

A large number of popular ZH minutes Cinematographers of Bangladesh and the audience praised the film is presented in its cinematography. But he was never included in the guidelines. This ...

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Mysterious, sudden engagement of Pori Moni

News actress recently announced her engagement as audience-praised actress Pori Moni has taken a new step in the journey of his life. Announced a Facebook post,

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Shyam to be made in the form of an ancient Indian classical dance

Much-acclaimed auditorium at the University of dance drama Shyama independent Bangladesh in Bashundhara residential area of ​​the city (IUB) for Tagore tomorrow

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Selim again added to Nadia NTV drama

In 1999, the famous TV Actress Nadia Ahmed received the first National Film Award winning chance "diurara Manush" title TV drama actor and director Shahiduzzaman

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Lux Star Ishana litigation

Mounita Khan Ishana defamation case has been filed against the actress Mounita Khan Ishana for alleged derogatory comments about a producer.

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DHUMKETU Teaser 2 million views Crosses

A Teaser fans to bring news of the film as part of a promotion campaign Shakib Khan and Pori on YouTube Moni's upcoming film 'Dhumketu "was released. Teaser

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Mosharraf Karim comes to Facebook

"To me all this time for any fan page on Facebook, and some unscrupulous people create fake fan pages and spreading unverified and spiteful rumors about me have

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