Joya ahsan is a familiar face in film industry. She is the most beautiful and talented actress and model in the country. By her nice looking and talented acting she easily create her own place. But the today position of joya's is not very easy or not overnight. That's why she has to work hard.

She was born on 1972 in Bangladesh. In her early life she took diploma course in Rabindra Sangeet and learned classical music. It's strange that Joya started her career as an employee in a company. she was not interested any more. Although her father always wanted to do the job. But she had always felt attraction on the arts. For that reason, ‍she opened a music school.

Joya began her career by working in a teledrama called ‘Panchami’. When Jaya was the drama renowned actor Mostafa told him once if you work in the media you will success. She played a soft drink advertisement by Afzal Hossain. Then she leave media and joined in a newspaper called Bhorer kagoj. But reason of love she returned to the media again.

When she continued her modeling, met with actor Faisal. Then they were fell in love and got married in May 14. She has been worked numerous films, dramas, modeling and several plays. One of his major tasks is Amader Chuto Nodi, Dorjar Opashe, Labbonno Probha, Mone Mone , Neer, Polayon Porbo, Sixty Nine (69). Her popular film is Gerila and Chorabali.