“I wanted to be a sportsman” …Kalyan

Update : 2015-04-18 10:50:22
“I wanted to be a sportsman” …Kalyan

Kalyan, who stepped into the media world as a model, is now busy with TV plays and films. In a recent conversation with The Daily Star, the talented actor spoke about the many firsts in his life:

Your first TV play?

Kalyan:“Prem O Porabastobota”, directed by Mezbaur Rahman Sumon won much acclaim.

What was your debut film?

Kalyan:Titled “Pita”, the film is based on the Liberation War.

Your first major professional achievement?

Kalyan:It was a great achievement for me when I was nominated for the Meril-Prothom Alo Awards for “Pita”.

When did you first fall in love?

Kalyan:During my schooldays, I fell in love with one of my classmates. But I could not tell her my feelings.

Your first love letter…

Kalyan:I wrote one when I was a seventh grader. I kept the letter in her book secretly. Interestingly, she replied to the letter.

Your first memory of being scared?

Kalyan:Once I sat on the bank of a beel (a large water body) near my maternal uncle's home in Kaliganj in the evening during a storm. I got really scared and ran towards the house at a furious pace.

Your first visit abroad?

Kalyan:Nepal. I had heard a lot about the scenic beauty, so was really excited to be to have travelled there.

What was the first movie you watched?

Kalyan:An English movie I can't remember the name of. Afterwards, I watched a number scary horror film.

Your first income…

Kalyan:I got my first pay as a model for a TVC for Grameenphone. I spent half the money on my friends.

First life goal …

Kalyan:I wanted to be a sportsman.

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