Clooney is in Venice weddings Hollywood

Update : 2014-09-30 02:37:54
Clooney is in Venice weddings Hollywood

36-year-old Lebanese Amal alamuddinera lover ring with a couple of months ago, Hollywood's most desired container shipped takamadhari Clooney altered. Although he did not express a wedding date.

Venice Grand Canal boat ride through the rooms of the wedding the groom and the wedding arrived guests arrive. Was a guest of Matt Damon, Cyndi Crawford, Bill Murray, banosaha others.

Friend and former mayor of Rome, Walter married bhelatroni Clooney taught. Venice is one of the marriage palace.

Clooney with the London-based human rights lawyer Amal alamuddinera altered ring in April this year. After their marriage license in the UK in August this pair.

The alliances with actress Talia balasamera bemdhechilena Clooney. From 1989 until 1993, during them. Clooney vows after divorce, and he is not never married. The model and actress has been seen in a lot next to the handsome actor. Finally, after almost eleven years Jibanasangike found 53-year-old actor.

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