Asif went unrecognized

Update : 2014-12-02 00:17:08
Asif went unrecognized

Asif Akbar fame as a singer of popular throughout the country, about fifteen years ago. Long time did not vary much in its janapriyatarao. His father still suffering, yet not recognized as her husband.

Asif was married love. Mitu his house and two children. Yet he did not comply with the laws of trouble (Asif) that has cherished. However, the music you want to be a hero in real life hero. Recognition in his words, he "would have Lot.

Sunday on his Facebook fan page with a picture of Asif wrote, "would prefer this way, my wife's father's house, probably the last picture taken. In 91 before the HSC exams. Taking the picture at the moment by an dad (Mr. Nurul Haque Uncle) went into the room and looked at us for a while, kept saying anything went. Mitu later asked Uncle says anything? Yes, he said, the oil and water together mesena never. I assured Mitu said, give your dad said, I am the head of the oil and water are mixed together. Yet there. As Third World damamaya our wedding. From then until today I could not legally enter the house! The rest of my four brothers, received the patronage of the two laws in Thought. I want to stay latakei!
Styastasati Asif after the fans have to comment. Is like 10 thousand in two hours and a half.
Fans expect the father to Mister suparastarake soon will accept.

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