A world of love begin

Update : 2014-12-02 00:14:17
A world of love begin

BFDC third floor Monday, the film is hilarious. Attended by the director of the film phase, the two-star Asif and airinasaha others.

Substantiate the report said, "the 'heart' and 'love touched the sky" have been built. Visitors love to take pictures of me. I will hopefully be able to meet the expectations of this film audiences. Otherwise, you'll see a story of "the love of film."
The new film about the story, "he said Hello living elders living with their feelings photo stories have been developed. Customers also love the new generation. Shooting of the film will be biephadisite 0 until November. After shooting in different locations in the country. "
"A world of love in the film script he wrote the lyrics as well as the phase of the six. Rerkadim several songs already been done. Most of the lyrics Emon Saha coordinated. Gave voice to the hereafter, Milon Mahmud and neighbor. Habib Wahid Khan at heart, gave voice to sing their tunes.

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