Donnie Yen: I would describe as 'xxx' better-looking 'Ocean's Eleven'

Update : 2017-01-24 16:47:57
Donnie Yen: I would describe as 'xxx' better-looking 'Ocean's Eleven'

Actor Donnie Yen fun he has strange compared to their brand new movie was filming, was talking about the 'xxx: Return of Xander Cage' Vin Diesel and the 2001 hit 'Ocean's Eleven' instead of an action drama.

53-year-old actor, plays Xiang, an expanded role that he sees playing second fiddle Diesel's Xander Cage, his range, and showcase his talents in a new light saw the film as an opportunity.

"It's great to work with Vin I love his movies, he makes very fun, interesting movie ... If you're an adrenaline jukina you.'re Going to get loads of I would describe this as a better-looking '' ocean's Eleven, "he said.

He added, "I have to show the film, which I just hit-man, martial artists, heroes always serious ... he was not really the film is critical in is allowed, but it has to be fun! if he is not fighting with you, he grabbed a beer and you'll hang out with you! "
What a ridiculous comment .. sea series has never thrown a dream .. xxx can not reach that stage, film ... Moreover, our talivuda worse than actions moviesritesh katti

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