Bongs Movie Review

Update : 2017-01-24 16:33:12
Bongs Movie Review

Two young, Olipriya (Parno) and Sarah (Lynn), are in desperate trouble in a foreign land: his father is in the UK and the other in Shenzhen in pursuit of his mother. Bongs (TBA) on their journey.

Bengali is one thing for your roots. Stories have been written and movies have been made about the pursuit of a default. Any drama that delves into its research is always a winner for the Bengali audience. TBA is a lot of research. Only, it is mellow to a tad audience awake.

A deliberate hand may want to try and keep Bong Connection (TBC) before seeing the film. Back to previous movie title because, first, and to present it to the second harks, as a sequel to ongoing efforts by the manufacturers: compare must be primarily for two reasons. In reality, however, is emitted from the second chapter of the work of Bong and remove sunlight Bong Connection. TBA means and lack of TBC a joyride that true humor.

Necessary any Anjan Dutt's film aesthetic is its agility. TBA, is also smart. It has some beautiful shots, especially Oli trips Kent. But the lack of a strong storyline of the film, and there are quite a few glaring logical disruption. To begin with, Oli his dad, and he went to London to find ago left his mother era. Father, we are given to understand, taught at the University of London. In all likelihood, any person, dead or alive, which should be easily accessible to the public also should be a record in university lectures for a session and record who is in an institution in the UK. The film, for once, does not elucidate could not provide Oli leads the public record. In addition, it is not included at all times, be aware.

The film has been crisper, maybe. Unnecessary character traits Jishu uncle (Dhritiman Chatterjee) messes - up film talks to establish imposed Jerry (Anjan Dutt) Bohemian life fun like jethu-. Moreover, Oli, in the case of a woman needs a man for life and fun old and clichéd interesting that this idea. And where is the love? Jishu (Jisshu U Sengupta) and Sarah deceive magic every chance to be the bridge between. What a waste!

Film that is said to be a bunch of very talented actors have done so well. Neha Panda bat to start the bottom hand. He is acting, fresh thinking and energetic. And to thank God, and Neha as the end of the film, Sarah major wardrobe goals. Subhra Sourav deliver a competent performance as Nitai. Through her, we see Ash tree talented actor curates and produces. Gaurav, too, as Anindyo, is amazing on the screen. A soft sobriety his screen presence in that tender. Parno, as grumpy, party-rhumba Oli, also comfortable in his skin. Jisshu, however, is not at his best. Now, we have to take advantage of the supreme actor. Department also very disappointed that Lacuna.

The film also excellent music. Keep the Bengali sweet phenomenon of tradition, the film offers a bunch of fresh, revival songs. Hridmajhare rakhbo particularly stimulating.

Finally, Anjan Dutt is undisputedly one of the smartest filmmakers of our generation. Despite the sloppy script that makes a brief, carnivalesque manages to offer one-time watch. Just give it a miss if you want to remember Bong Connection smooth.

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