The best moments from the Times Food Award

Update : 2017-01-09 12:26:03
The best moments from the Times Food Award

Talivuda in attendance, imagine a gathering of social and industrialists of the crème de la crème. Good food, Mir's witty joke, industry into platters of generous amounts of oodles of gossip and glamor

Do you receive a truly epic party. And, why not? ITC Niuna incident on sonar, which is best celebrated and feted its creators on Thursday night - after all, it was the Times Food Award 2017.
Salmoli Mukherjee wrote - UK dapper Jisshu Sengupta and stunning Paoli kickstart Times Food Guide and our fingers start with Kolkata 2017 has kept licking talks all year round on the prestigious award. As for accepting his award-winning platform, Mir, the host for the evening, laughing his head off with her Funny repartees everyone. "If you had to cook dinner Jisshu a romantic afternoon, will you be prepared?" He said a
Paoli. That actress, to take a good look at the newly launched book in his hand, asked him to return, "This book does not list of recipes, does it?" Prosenjit Chatterjee was the victim of Mir question unnecessary. When the actor admitted that he is not after the year ilish maach bhaja,, Mir asked, "What about kisses? Has gone down well with the number of years?" Banquet break into fits of laughter. Once were given out an award for the best restaurants, confectioneries, chef, Knight and other categories, the guests made their way to put out the lavish Buffet award-winning restaurants.
Later in the night, we asked Jisshu caught wind food counters (he was busy catching up industry friends at cocktail) and whether it is a day cheat. "My days of a rogue's whole life. I'm looking to bariani and sweet." We also Sayantika, Mimi and Nusrat, confusing the inseparable trio of evening, a lot of fun. "We never have to diet and it means a lot to us, we say it," Mimi and Nusrat echo, some of us wonder when. Nusrat added, "I hope this party. Offering a better than a party with unlimited food every year?" Touche. What a night!
Here are the best moments from the party of epic ...

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