Donald Condemning Trump Golden Globes 2017: Meryl Streep accepted her

Update : 2017-01-09 12:14:31
Donald Condemning Trump Golden Globes 2017: Meryl Streep accepted her

Hollywood's most iconic actress was honored with a prestigious cecil B. Demille Award Meryl Streep. Accept his trophy as the actress was making a strong point. In her acceptance speech for six minutes, the president appointed Donald Streep sign on the Trump and 2015, he called out for ridicule a reporter was met with a warm applause in a speech.

In his speech, think Meryl Streep said, "Hugh Laurie for taking the bus and told them that. We all belong to you and actually the most notorious part of American society now in this room: Hollywood, foreign and press Enter. but who we are, and what Hollywood? it's just a bunch more. I was born and raised, and New Jersey. Viola's public schools cabin of a sharecropper in South Carolina in reading, in Central Falls, Rhode Island; Sarah Paulson was in Florida, a single mom Sarah Jessica Parker Brooklyn, Ohio, Amy Adams, a Vicenza seven or eight children, was born in Italy and Natalie Portman was born ....? Jerusalem Where are your birth certificate and beautiful Ruth Negga Addis Ababa, was raised in Ethiopia, London - no, I believe that in Ireland, and the small-town Virginia is nominated for playing a girl.

Ryan gosling, sat like all people, Canadian, and Dev Patel, Kenya, was born in raised in London, and was raised in a game of Tasmania. It is crawling with Hollywood external and foreign. And if we all kick out to see you, but will also not art, martial arts, football and mixed.

For this, he has given me three seconds: to enter into life, we are different people that the only job of an actor, and feels like what you think. Wonderful, compassionate work - and there are many, many, many powerful performance that is that this year.
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People still do not accept the opposition in line withour verdict.RaMa

But there was a performance that surprised me this year. It sank its hooks in my heart. Not because it was good; Nothing was good about it. But it was effective and it works. It is laughing its intended audience, and showing his teeth. It was that moment, like a disabled person asking the reporter to sit in the seat of honor in our country. Outranked the ability to fight the privilege, power and back. Because it was not in a movie of this type, break my heart, when I saw it, and I still can not get it out of my head. It was real life. And when it is instinct, an insult, it is an example of someone in a powerful public platform, it kinda gives other people permission to do the same thing because the life of each filter, . Disrespect, violence and disrespect. And powerful use of his position, when we lose all vabaani. "

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