Wanna smell fresh all day? These spots on the ointment applied

Update : 2017-01-08 01:44:56
Wanna smell fresh all day? These spots on the ointment applied

Good fragrance can instantly lift your mood. And this is the reason that we continue to struggle for our perfume to last all day. It is expensive or hordes spent on re-apply every few hours, we've tried it all. But just maybe we're wrong? Burying the body to allow people out on the right spots we never would have thought of. Read on:

Wall: Perfume to latch on the fiber, which is really what the trend has been made of your hair. But the trick to avoid spraying directly fog will dry out your Mane because the content of alcohol in your perfume on your hair. Instead, spray it on your comb and brush your hair with it.

The inside of the elbow: wrist? Good. The inside of the elbow? Better. For this reason it is a plus point, and it is concealed expanded tucked away in the vicinity of our weapons, because the spirit, give it a Misty, subtle effect. Rasika say a Perfumer with a leading manufacturer of Bhide, aroma, "Coco Chanel once said that a woman should apply perfume to want to be kissed him where they area. While in some cases this is true, (and French), plus points that are close to the location where skin and blood, the body. What should be the direction to apply ointment. These spots summer ale helps your skin odor project to emanate. "around the air

lobes back to as: back to the top of your ear, that you thought were perfect perfume points of your body, you should be spraying mist behind the top of your ear. And it, it tends to vibrate for longer to help keep the oilier than spot lobes, and oil perfume because it is better. In addition, the pulse points behind our ears, too. Make-up artist and stylist Abhijit Paul said, "smell memory. Someone you love, the person becomes a breath of scent immediately bond with you when you spray perfume behind her ears. "

Behind the knee: Police last major here also applies points ,. With this in mind that we learned in school rises hot? So, savor, highlight the warmth of the skin on the back of your knees, will grow around you throughout the day, you keep fresh.

Belly button: Yes, you read that right. The nest and the project is like a Coop perfume for yourself. Belly button a lot of heat, which is the perfect fragrance leave for better dissipate. Guess who eats this trick? Liv Tyler.

Pro Tips
1. spray, do not rub. Actually rubbing perfume molecules dissolve and destroy its aroma.
2. If a perfume is too strong for your mood on a day, a wall of communication in the air and walk through it. This will leave a hint of evenly cover your body and scent.

3. Do not spray your perfume on my clothes. Bhide stressed, "In India, they put most of their oil on cloth. This is wrong. You need to do their best work to communicate directly on your skin."

4. Do not buy a perfume smells based on someone else. Amit Sarda, fragrance experts say that works primarily with alcohol-free scents, "The point is you should

Mind your lifestyle while buying perfume. You work under a lot of stress and a lot perspire, you must chose a perfume's top notes accounting for the natural smell of your body ,. A perfume itself a project, depending on which is unique for every man, Physiology. "

Did you know?

Each fragrance is known as the three layers, Fragrance pyramid. Top notes - scent, which has been the most unstable molecules that you smell immediately after applying. This is what becomes your initial impression of a fragrance. Says heart appears that scent is worn off the top of the note. This is the true scent of a fragrance, which is often more concrete. Hung on for a long time that the base note - more than one layer, the fragrance of its ability to tie together all three notes.

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