Mainak accused of copies of his last film

Update : 2017-01-08 01:36:46
Mainak accused of copies of his last film

Charges of plagiarism are rampant in the film industry, but the director of a copy of his own movie. It is next to Mainak Bhaumick has come under. Filmmaker, is preparing for the release of Bibaho diary in January, known for his brand of urban cinema, after no-show for a whole year.

But recently, angry Mainak the first unreleased film, Ami vs Tumi, the last manufacturer in the film's trailer. To prevent release an official complaint that he Eastern India Motion Picture Association (EIMPA) has accused the close Thursday, the producer a copy of his own film against arijita faith Mainak and urged the umbrella body . Ami are concerned with complete authority arijita vs. Tumi.

His defense of the film's delayed release, arijita said, "We Ami vs Tumi talivuda shot in the back, Mainak in 2011. Was not a name, he told me that he was planning a multi-film bedroom, and if I after this film, it would help me out. I was in the bedroom. believed in him, we got in touch again. this time, Mainak said he was Maach Mishti and more and if I delay in the release, they can sell it to me three movies together, the satellite rights.. fell the urgency that the release was being delayed, I got censored and even distribution in the last film, 2014 Piyali got in contact with the film arijita angels. was created after the release plan, Mainak could not be found. I called his assistant, but no one can tell me where. in 2015, we as suddenly met and that the area of ​​application include the cost of Mainak has asked me to sell the negative right to recover. I asked him, when I need his help. This year, we met in the US on Banga conference and he was very nice to me. We also talked about the release vs. Tumi Ami. To be honest, I had heard from my Ami vs Tumi was making a film on his own unit members that the marriage that year. It was only after I came across, too much to ignore as I realized that trailer. Ami vs Tumi while struggling musician married to a woman,, Bibaho diary of a young woman, and marriage between a struggling theater actor. Sohini government and Ritwick Chakraborty - line 'leads are the same as my film actor Rahul and Priyanka said. "

Biswanath Basu, both part of the film, said he has great respect for Mainak as a filmmaker. "He has given me the contemporary scope to prove my acting iron in urban cinema. While I played a friend of Rahul vs Tumi Ami, I be seen as a member of the theater group Ritwick Bibaho Diary, among others who will, it all goes out to prevent them from getting hitched. in both movies, and I think as English. is it wrong to speak my character Mainak is the mother of both film and vhe actor knows how best to use I did Bibaho diary, "he told us ,.
Piya Sengupta, Chairperson, producer, EIMPA, arijita we received a complaint lodged., "In this case the financial investment will be raised with us soon arijita standing committee and is a member of our Association vs. Tumi Ami ., which is registered with us, we will investigate the matter and if found guilty, Mainak not have to pay the penalty. nature or amount of which decided yet, "

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