Raja Subhasree virtual PDA!

Update : 2016-12-31 12:42:00
Raja Subhasree virtual PDA!

All fair and square. State and Subhashree, who were denied their relationship only to climb another day barn, is now taken to social media to include in the PDA.

To be bonded, romance low key with the director on the set of the actress to shoot left Nawab for Bangladesh pride. I cross-border romance score brownie points talivuda, but right after landing, he had a miss-you-miss-you-miss-you upload dubsmash find video tags do not know. State, on his part, former Subhashree, Dev began headquarters Shalimar action shooting. Guess who welcomed the first day of the team? Mimi no more! Former everyone, but wished luck to the social media. Watch this space for more updates.

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