I'm not smart enough to pull off a case and see: Abir

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I'm not smart enough to pull off a case and see: Abir

Structure sitting in a room in a city studio, thick black specs and location, Abir Chatterjee can pass on almost Byomkesh a free day off. Background in radio plays Feluda theme and a brief glimpse of quiet pride in his eyes is faster by a self-deprecating smile.

Obviously, there are two sides. He is obsessed with itself and political, that all the time. An exclusive photo shoot with our posts, they allow in on both. excerpts:

Slip into a washed sure you play Byomkesh on screen. In real life, you can drape a dhoti?

To be honest, I can not be washed drape on my own. It is quite a challenge and I always need help with this. But once I'm wearing, I'm comfortable with it. I never washed off the set. Can I skip hop, and jump.

Abir Chatterjee gives the team an Emporio masterclass in Armani bespoke made in classic black suit with a metallic shirt.
Makeup: Supravat Naha

How was the experience of working in Byomkesh Pawrbo?

After the full success of the Lord God Byomkesh, the idea was to create better Byomkesh Pawrbo. This is a more intense, pacy and edgy Thriller. 31, 24 days after six days in Kolkata the outside - it was a thakana schedule. People express their love for HHB, this time to the same love for the Byomkesh Pawrbo. But always in danger of becoming the second film of a vote negligent himself, which is a myth. I've put my heart and soul in this movie.

Aggressively comfortable while you were pulling off stunts, shooting?

There followed the order, hand-to-hand fight, fight lathi charge. I bled, almost broke my finger, and was left with bruises all over a dozen. Nandini has asked me, "you have an injury or go for a boxing match? But then again, Byomkesh pain and danger. The great popularity for me, it's just to give me back time.

In recent years, you've upped her fashion game by several notches ...

(Laughs) I? Style and fashion seems complicated to me. In reel life, I wear what I wear in real life, I felt comfortable.

Hrid Majhare, after films like Abbey Sen, Lord, Lord Byomkesh, you went ahead and signed a Thammar boyfriend. Romcom you signed such an out-and-out when you second guess your creative instincts?

I love the concept. A great chance of being cast opposite Sabitri Chatterjee I was going to not miss for anything in the world. Actor of my generation give their right arms for such a role. In fact, I believe that we need to create more light-hearted, family entertainment.

This is my interview, let's make this a question about me. However, while we are on this subject, I want to congratulate the excellent Jisshu.

There was a rumor of their link-up with an act ever

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