I have my pillar of strength Rukmini can not refuse: Dev

Update : 2016-12-31 12:32:42
I have my pillar of strength Rukmini can not refuse: Dev

The film is about boxing and I play a boxer. He said, while trying to reach the top of his game to earn their living working at a mill. In India, we have to go gaga over all the cricket and other sports, we are not half as enthusiastic

Still, we miss a gold at an Olympic athlete out for yourself. This film will celebrate boxing. I think (Chakraborty) best director to deal with this kind of subject.
Rukmini (maitara) currently playing the lead in the same Jaya, she was in?
Jaya is a pillar of strength Shibaji inspired him to reach his goals. Besides that, Jaya is like a beauty, Rukmini with the brain in real life. It was, and I decided to take him on board, but we have to convince him a hard time. A retired boxing Chiranjeet plays trying to fulfill his dream by coach Shibaji. Priyanka, Arindam Remove and Kaushik Ganguly to play a key role in the film.
Therefore, the pillar of strength Rukmini Dev?
Well, I think that you can not refuse! Rukmini my family is my pillar of strength, as well.
Is called Dev began his girlfriend in their productivity when you have to do?
I do not answer back. The producer and director, here or south Mumbai, trying to throw Rukmini, but failed. We agree that they are lucky.
If you are able to help him out?
I'm still learning and is not in a position to teach anyone. Sohag Sen is our workshop.

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