All about hair

Update : 2016-09-05 19:29:26
All about hair

Our hair is a great part of our definition of beauty. So take care of our hair should be a big part of our daily routine. Hair loss and baldness can be particularly devastating for both psychiatric patients ,.

Reducing loss of hair loss, can be dirty hair, dandruff, oily scalp or an indication of some medical conditions. Wall crooked young people is one of the most common problems among themselves. When they come to consult with me, I find not take proper care of their hair, and they also do not forget to maintain a proper diet. We must remember that it is important for a good health, proper nutrition and that is good for the skin, nails and hair. Without a balanced diet, as hair growth and hair lose its luster and strength, becomes the scalp healthy and it is there as a result of a slow start to hair fall. Keep hair and scalp clean is a part of hair care.

Is a myth that using shampoo causes hair fall. This is wrong. Causes hair fall cleaning your hair. At least twice a week and the hair should be washed regularly with a good non-medicated shampoo. Those who go out daily and are exposed to dust, it can be increased to 3 to 4 times a week. After shampooing, rinsing and then apply a good conditioner your hair healthy and also it will look good.

People with dandruff should use an antidandruff shampoo; If the problem should consult a specialist lived. Causes damage to the scalp dandruff for a long time and the result is permanent hair loss.

Oil is another cause of scalp hair or oily hair fall and should be dealt with immediately. Washing hair shampoo reduces a lot of problem with the daily. But if it should be advised that lasts for a long time, an expert. Those who work in the media and hairstyling have to use a lot of products, need to be taken extra care. It is best to use lighter and less chemicals that product; After trying for a while to wash hair gels, sprays and more. Start using a soft gentle daily shampoo. Use oil detangle hair and wash it off immediately. Remember, the oil is stopped for more than two hours on the scalp, is not to be. After shampooing, on at least two occasions at least a week should use a good conditioner. If we maintain these basic hair care rules, I am confident that we will, healthy hair.

Some patients who suffer from hair loss due to medical reasons. For them, to be identified and need to be treated. It needs to be done to find a proper investigation in premenopausal syndrome in long illness, thyroid problems, diabetes, women.

In addition, sometimes, we have developed baldness in some small spots on the patient's scalp, get this is known as alopecia arietta. All of these conditions can be treated to identify the time. Usually hair are some diet advice with care and medicine. For some patients, the laser is advised hair comb. In this procedure, hair follicles and scalp are stimulated by a low-dose laser light, which increases the supply of blood and hair grow stronger. It just will not work if you are completely bald, hair follicles.

So what about the yard developed? In this modern day and age, treatment is available to everyone. Hair transplant procedure to treat a very popular worldwide Ganj. This is done to hair transplant surgery in a bald area. Sure patients are extracted hair follicles and then bald area. Can be taken follicles where the patient needs to have a donor area.

Scalp is divided into two regions; Permanent part of the front zone is temporary zone and back part. It directly in the distribution area of ​​the follicles and the area has been on the basis of the presence of DHT receptors on the absence. Stimulation of additional hormone causes hair fall. It is very common for men and Taj Ganj area live in hair loss or adult. It is also known as Male pattern baldness. These patients are candidates for surgical hair part.

After examining the patient, as well as hair that there Ganj, we have to find are small and stopped growing. After talking with the patient, we sometimes find a family history of baldness. As DHT receptors in the area on the back is unfounded, we difficult to find patients who become bald on the back. Is taken back to a strip of hair and follicles are different magnification. Each follicle can be counted as 1, 2, or 3. These are then implanted into the bald area. Permanent hair starts growing 4 to 6 months after the patient, as your natural hair. Can the hair cut and styled like the rest of the patient's hair. These are taken from permanent hair zone, but do not fall off the hair.

Wall is a very popular and recognized method transplant. It is very safe and takes 5-6 hours to complete. The procedure is done under local anesthesia and can be done at any age. The causes of hair fall on pre-menopause women who suffer from reduced density can opt for this procedure. In addition, patients who have lost hair in hair accident can get sent. Patients who lack eyebrows Jhumpa or mustache, can also opt for hair replacement surgery.

As you can see, many options are now available for the treatment of hair loss and baldness, so we do not need to suffer pschychological the stress of not having enough hair. That will be a great help to keep the hair clean and proper nutrition, and if not, fix definitely an expert advice on the problem.

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