Pedro wants to support the 'Deadpool' Almodovar Tarantino

Update : 2016-09-05 19:01:06
Pedro wants to support the 'Deadpool' Almodovar Tarantino

Spanish director Pedro Almodovar is keen to create a new 'Deadpool' movie with Quentin Tarantino.Oscar-winning filmmaker, despite his talents to Hollywood has never made an English-language film, many offers.

But the head of the 66-year-old Tim Miller's anarchic superhero movie 'Deadpool' success has been changed, and they'd like to do a follow-up team with Tarantino, reports Contactmusic.

"I think that (would have to be directly'd like to do a Deadpool movie), but the script for Quentin Tarantino, that would be perfect for this film," he said.

"I want the script that is to co-direct with him. He wanted to do it if you're a real possibility."

'Deadpool' Ryan in the title role which Reynolds stars, fans around the world on the February release, and critics wowed, take in just shy of $ 800 million in global ticket sales.

And after making his name with a famous movie like women on the verge of a Nervous breakdown was offered the chance to lead my mother, Pedro 2005 Gay Cowboy drama all about, 'Brokeback Mountain . '

Ia on offer, he decided to turn it down. The film went on to win a Best Director Oscar for director Ang Lee.

"He (Brokeback Mountain producers) were very patient waiting for me," he recalled.

"But, in the end, I thought., That was not right, it is my way of shooting I was a freedom I never allow Hollywood production system that is a freedom I think not habit.

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