Before you suggest to remember the color of your hair

Update : 2016-07-13 23:38:05
Before you suggest to remember the color of your hair

Popular has always inspired us to the color of our hair. Latest throne Star maisie Williams, the game was tied electric blue hair in the final of Wimbledon.

But you have to keep in mind your hair uteraga may sound interesting, a few tips here ..
1. can be spectacular in the first few weeks of their hair color, but the color is going to fade.
2. Always wash your hair in cold water. This process reduces fading.
3. Leaving almost everywhere trace your hair color, your favorite top white towels. Is found naturally colored hair and anything you can do about it.
4. The other issue is that you can not wash your hair too often.
5. Split ends, dry hair, and sometimes are bound to crop up dandruff.

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6. While your hair ragada that you make sure to use a pair of gloves. It takes a lot of time to get rid of color in your hands.
7. Invest in a good air-conditioners and shampoos.

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