Kate Beckinsale praised Sarah Silverman

Update : 2016-05-23 21:16:45
Kate Beckinsale praised Sarah Silverman

Actress Kate Beckinsale says Sarah Silverman is a good influence on his daughter Lily. Sarah's ex Michael Sheen is currently dating Beckinsale.

'Love and Friendship' actress Sarah was thrilled that Michael happiness and a daughter Lily, 17, the report is good to see Contactmusic, strong, core woman.

Communication 'Beckinsale, 42 to speak, he said: "If we get on really well - I mean, I love Sarah I did not have nothing to do with Michael'd love him, I Michael just happy ... met him.

"I think, especially for the actors, they think that you're throwing a shoe at each other and plot the death of each other. We do not. That his beloved. And I love my a good feel for the daughter, I just got a different option., firm, is that the core is a woman I have not, "Beckinsale said.

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