10 people sleep out of my house: Jennifer Lawrence

Update : 2016-05-23 21:12:25
10 people sleep out of my house: Jennifer Lawrence

His house out of 10 people around the actress Jennifer Lawrence sleeping expressed are waiting to get his picture. 'X-Men 25 years of age: the book, he says, because the star it is difficult but not at the door of his house

about the same pictures of people standing outside desperate to get to, in fact, is to wake up with does not like to complain that the popularity value, the woman first.

"10 men sleep out of my house and I do not see every morning and it's lovely. I had a great talk with the other actors about the same problem that we really complain about it in we move off, a millionaire if you do not like because of it. ' And say, 'You're lucky.' "

"And we are lucky, but when I have control over my image, looks right deserves. I only time I am in a movie, or a character or a movie would like to encourage. "

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