Each other's name on the wrist tattoos Srabanti- Krishna!

Update : 2016-05-13 23:42:50
Each other's name on the wrist tattoos Srabanti- Krishna!

We are madly in love Srabanti actress who first reported. A year relationship, is already pretty actress began her supermodel boyfriend, Krishna Vraj.

Jhinuk his son and boyfriend Krishna her wrist - a unique picture CT Be got hold of, the actress has made his name tattoed two love. Krishna also tattoed on her nickname Ginu tattooed her wrist, the goal of our relationship!

The first time admitted to the relationship, Srabanti said, "He is my best friend. I've never felt this way before. For the first time, I did not hesitate to post our pictures on Facebook," he laughed. When the two met in Mumbai, they were shooting a commercial; Chemistry was instant. Thereafter, the pair spent most of his day on the phone, talking to each other. And now it is time to make their relationship official. "I finished in a marriage has been in two relationships., But both went kaput. Both Krishna was so much bitterness in past relationships. I never experienced the kind of calm in my life . our parents moon, now, that we decided to go for the engagement, "the actress said that her son, are integral Jhinuk and Krishna. Aww!

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