Kangna: I began to question my own identity

Update : 2016-05-06 19:15:09
Kangna: I began to question my own identity

We need emotional and started his legal battle with the type of mental turmoil after Kangna Hrithik Roshan? The actress' interview with a TV channel, his personal despite going through difficult times in life, Kangna a strong woman that she has always been, there was a big enough evidence.

However, recently revealed in an interview, the queen actress to Mumbai Mirror all legal mace had taken a toll on him. "It was nerve esiada last two months. It came at a time when I began to question my own identity, my achievement doubt. The industry, where I made a place for her on my own ' in my 10 years. I think I should be going through between another life has been. "imagine the substance of forcing a woman to come to us like Kangna to the on-going legal wrangling. Hrithik is hope and legal battle Kangna end soon.

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