Sunny Leone and take a stand against Tanuj Virwani stacking

Update : 2016-05-05 15:22:45
Sunny Leone and take a stand against Tanuj Virwani stacking

Upcoming film '' is a clever spin to explore the horror of the night Stand 'Bollywood's boy-chasing-girl plot stalking. As the title suggests, erotic Thriller two

central characters (Sunny Leone and Tanuj Virwani played by, respectively, starting from the point) in a one-night stand. However, when that spiral out of control, which leads to a chain of unwanted events that should end the night.

The idea is an issue many women face their day-to-day life that followed, the discussion turned off. Sunny ask and answer, "vapacha is a passion and it needs to be taken care of to be controlled and leads to accidents before the right time. It's a one-night stand like a man to have. I have been on both consensually long as it feels good. I put into making our director Jasmine musa D'Souza movies that try values. I am proud to think that every person who sees this will understand that is what he is trying to put out. I feel strongly about this bold concept because I be associated with the project . "
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Adds Tanuj, "should be condemned stalkers. I also think a film that is very threatening to the victim's privacy and can lead to emotional and mental disorders. I am glad on this topic that is designed am it was brought to the light of such behavior. "

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