SRK-Abram's water sports

Update : 2016-05-05 14:52:57
SRK-Abram's water sports

Abram show little trust to steal every time he faced the camera, even when his father, Shah Rukh Khan is in the same frame.

cutie running in his element during a match at the Eden Gardens, Kolkata Knight Riders in the third season of the Indian Premier League.

Before the match, Shah Rukh was spent on the stand to catch a glimpse of his son, tweeted about the stadium tour and all eyes adorable father-son duo. While many things, he was not seen during the game, post game, came down on the basis of two and played with each other. The last time while Abram is played with water bottles, this time, it was that interest is water. Pair sprinkled water on each other and had a good time doing so.

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