Dev is ready to pit remakes do not win?

Update : 2016-05-01 13:08:43
Dev is ready to pit remakes do not win?

They are our greatest heroes, inheritors of our super quality sumitra heritage. But it can not see Dev and beyond remakes' court victory after?

The question is now screaming for an answer. For thanda first quarter of 2016 and almost all movies, including the winning of power, failed to work magic at the box office. Interview, producer, director and shake their heads in an interview after the actor and speak sagely of the original material, but when it came to picking the new project, selected both Dev and win - you guessed right - remakes! King's victory Baba Yadav, Telugu action comedy Don Seenu (2010) Ravi Teja and Shreya Saran while shooting the film remake, the Board Dev Raja Chanda, a "word" Salman Khan the entry of the hit movie (2005).

Remakes? It has hit both umpteen years because they can not be insecurity about his position. Both long league because they can not wages, where they can dictate terms. In fact, as a hero, he must push the envelope in terms of content as well as your favorite producers. But that was never the case.

In explanation, Chakraborty, who has several hits including many remakes to his credit, says forced talivuda to see southwards lack of screenwriters. "There is a huge market for commercial cinema like the creation of a real commercial film like Bajrangi Bhaijaan in Bengali, so we will not need a good writer that I'm challenged, as a director, when it comes to writing.?. I can ideate. so, not a bad thing to make remakes, providing stories are adapted in the context of Bengal, "he says.

Hundreds of scripts lying in his office, he says, but they are not all like that. "Also, everything is opposite in Mumbai, which has a good team working on a film, there is often a person, Panning talks to write the screenplay and directing a film. It's very difficult. problems are disfigured commercial cinema at the moment. for the film to work, they at least need to be released in 100 theaters. we take some basic needs that first, "added .

Producers as well as their logic to defend remakes. Ashok Dhanuka, who said, helming the production of Emperor that he has never copy an original frame by frame, the director. "If I made a Bengali film, among others, Punjabi and Gujarati origin, but they are not the same copy. Nobody gives me a good story here, I always take a movie from another industry and Bengal it can make. the same story can be, but it does to learn Bengali. my Bikram Sikhs did not work, but with the film (Vikramarkudu) in Hindi as raudi Rathore , was a huge hit, "he said.

But some producers may want to defend strategy, hilarious stories from the set of remakes. A star's friend said his visit to the set of a few years back, where he sat next to the director monitors, was busy with a laptop playing south of the original film remake that film. He was watching the movie and copy each shot frame by frame!

In this creative process, if originality is gone for a toss, who cares? Padmanabha Dasgupta screenplay south says he has turned down several offers to film friendly ", but feels it has the status of a Catch -22." Promises to get away from writing young talents, as he dismissed fears . They want to write only to get home after a production, will fetch a good wages in one go. Production house, it is difficult to bring on board young writer who still prove your iron. In addition, most good writers are busy with television projects, which allows to write to the pressure of megaserials film does not, "he said.

Ironically, the film won both Dev and remakes is expected to release on Eid and Salman Khan's Sultan and Shah Rukh Khan will face competition from the aristocracy - the original big-budget Bollywood film. remakes versus the original decision will be out in the coming months.

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