"Oggatonama" Naples is free is nominated at the Gulf Film Festival

Update : 2016-05-01 10:39:59

"Oggatonama Tauquir Ahmed" (unnamed) was recently selected as a nominee for Best Fiction Feature at the Bay of Naples Independent Film Festival. A space to promote

and foster discussion between the various branches of learning, including the circulation of all kinds of cinema and with each other and grow, the festival will kick off its second edition on May 12 cinematic arts and other disciplines is aimed to provide a great achievement for this film has been obtained and the feet in the international film circuit in recent years, Bangladeshi film industry.

Studded cast a star, is expected to get a good reaction on the film festival. Fazlur Rahman Babu, Nipun, Shahiduzzaman Selim appeared among many other initiatives are some of the stars.

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