Agreement, Dona, Selim together telefilm

Update : 2016-04-18 16:09:27
Agreement, Dona, Selim together telefilm

National Film Award-winning actor Shahiduzzaman Selim and famous model-actress Sadia Islam agreement, Dona Hussein 'Kichhu Smrity Kichhu Bhul' title will be seen

in an upcoming telefilm. Roll in writing and different direction, telefilm including Abir Khan Sohan Khan, Nila and child artist Tanisha. Dhaka Live news is that it took place in different locations in the capital's Uttara area shooting of the telefilm.
Telefilm, compromise and Shahiduzzaman Selim will be seen playing the role of a married couple, respectively, Jayita and Litu. Dona played the role of his daughter.
Plot telefilm Jayita and Litu, who has been married seven years and have a daughter together. Jayita married Litu against his parents' wishes. Litu themselves with a successful business, and also started to take a negative turn, have been among fine. Jayita Litu suspicion and led to divorce his constant doubt begins. At one stage, Jayita leaves her husband and daughter. Litu never thinking of his daughter in law. Years later, when his daughter married off, back Jayita. At the time, refused to accept his daughter's mother. The story moves on from there.
Stressing that plague society, director Abir Khan said telefilm social issues. Many are arguing about, which leads to separation and divorce, there are cases where a couple of fights and minor. Parents with their children often ignore. Aims to focus on the issue that telefilm.
Dona said, "I am very pleased with the opportunity to work with Shahiduzzaman Selim and Sadia Islam agreement. In addition, I am pleased to work with talented directors like Abir Khan."
Lord will be aired during the Smrity Kichhu Bhul 'upcoming Eid, the director told Abir. l

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