The government canceled the National Film Award for 'Brihonnola'

Update : 2016-04-18 16:01:10
The government canceled the National Film Award for 'Brihonnola'

After this year, the National Film Awards announced, accused of plagiarism in the making of this government have been raised against the 'Brihonnola' to fund the

film. Murad directed by Parvez film won the National Film Award in three categories - best film, best story and reject all three awards in the 2014 negotiations for the conclusion, on charges of plagiarism as government 'Brihonnola' Of course, been found. According to a source in the Ministry of Saturday's award committee for the film, which is confirmed Dhaka Live, which recommended the investigation of the charges have been dismissed.
This time around, the government was found to have alleged that 'Brihonnola' seed Syed Mustafa story coming 'Gachta Bolechilo' title for Siraj, is true.
In this connection, the West Bengal-based writer Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay, Debesh Roy Information Minister Hasanul Haq wrote Inu, to urge the government to pay Siraj familAy Rs 150,000 as royalty for the story notes.
Murad told an online newspaper about Pervez charges, "I feel really ashamed to speak on this issue. After this, I can say that with a story like another."
"But my film's story does not match the short story in any way. They are totally different philosophy and concept," he said.
"Some mischievous people are trying to make me ashamed," he said.
On the other hand, Pervez Siraj credit and officially took control of a story to Siraj for his film 'Chandragrahon'.
'Brihonnola' Hindu-Muslim conflict depicts the story set in a small village called mohanapura. Film Stars suhana Saba, Ferdous Ahmed, Abul Kalam Azad, Jhuna Chaudhry and Intekhab Dinar, among others, in the lead role.

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