Ranveer Singh and Dwayne Bravo is the moment a 'Malhari'(with video)

Update : 2016-04-09 11:50:37
Ranveer Singh and Dwayne Bravo is the moment a 'Malhari'(with video)

West Indies cricketer Dwayne Bravo that has gone viral, a social media these days hit the winner in his song. Love has not only track, but also quirky behavior.

Also found irresistible Ranveer Singh signed measures. And it was as fortunate, actor a cricket league Polishchuk Sportsman at the rehearsal of the opening ceremony.
When Ranveer spotted Bravo enter the field, they caught up to him and hug each other. Cricketer see the actors rehearse. Later, Ranveer had his first film Baji visit Mastani 'and' heart Dhadakne. ' When dragged her to shake a leg on the songs we asked Bravo Star, he said, "He is so much raw energy in a wonderful Dancer.. We won a great time dancing and it was grooving to some Bollywood songs. "
When we asked him about Bollywood, she was surprised by the date. "I tried it I '' Piku 'and' betting visit Mastani heard about it, and they soon will see a lot," he said. Now that he has the company of a hard core movie buff, Bravo will see a lot of Hindi film this week. We are right?

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