India-Bangladesh production 'Sankhachil' name for the Bengali film

Update : 2016-03-31 01:48:30
India-Bangladesh production 'Sankhachil' name for the Bengali film

The famous Indian filmmaker Goutam Ghose's film 'Sankhachil', popular Bangladeshi actress Kusum Sikder and prominent Indian film actor Prosenjit star, Indian National Film Award has been given the name of Bengali film for 63 editions. The announcement was made on March 28.

The film has been produced by Bangladesh Impress Tele Films and Ashirbad Cholochitro. The film's story revolves around the border tragedy about a couple and their sick daughter. The film has been produced based on the various stories of the border incident.
Emotion, family crisis, has been loved and portrayed in films of different types of depression. Thresholds victim that a family is running through your house when the film takes.
The film was shot in Taki- international border between India and Bangladesh. In the film, Prosenjit and Kusum Sikder lead roles are played. Becomes the most important of the film include Bangladeshi actor Mamunur Rashid, pink Siddiqui, Prabir Mitra and anuma Rehman Khan.
Director Goutam Ghose's film tells the name of the movie, the baby wants to fly the artist Rupsa we want to be free will see. In fact, the film, which will be free to each character, suffers from the border crisis. 'Sankhachil' is used as a symbol. "
On the other hand, the Indian epic historical fiction movie 'Baahubali: been nominated as best actor for the best film and Amitabh Bachchan's film' Piku '.
West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Monday Bengali film maker for the National Film Award winner congratulated Gautam Ghosh.
He wrote in a tweet, "Blessed is that Shankhachil, West Bengal and won a joint production, Bengali film Best of Bangladesh. Congratulations Gautam Ghosh #NationalAwards".
Remember to keep, 'Sankhachil' upcoming Pahela Baishakh on April 14 will be released in the same Bangladesh and West Bengal.

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