Mili works in the direction of the first Shamrat

Update : 2016-03-25 01:29:47
Mili works in the direction of the first Shamrat

Popular actor-director Khalid Hussain Shamrat and talented actress pharahana Mili their journey in the entertainment of the country at about the same time. However

the two never worked until recently. It should be noted that even though two have worked together for the first time, it is not in the same frame. While pharahana Mili, was in front of the camera, Shamrat behind. Dhaka Live news is that pharahana Nili tele-drama was the very first time Khalid Hussain Shamrat worked under supervision 'Ghunpoka' title, and finished shooting last week at the home of a shot in the Pubail.
Unlike pharahana Nili Syed Babu, will be presented in a challenging role. With the idea of ​​Shamrat in mind, tele-drama of the story has been written by Rana Zakariya.
He said pharahana Mili challenging role, "to work under the supervision of my Khalid Hussain Shamrat, is a completely new experience. Can be best described as an accomplished director and a very systematic way does his work. I am happy to work under his leadership. I hope viewers. "
Shamrat also expressed his views on the work, "I started work on '' Ghunpoka 'as a passionate project. I thought of the story itself and work with the utmost care. When I story was thinking of the idea, pharahana came Mili mind. I must say that the character he played to the best of his ability. he did a great job. Director, I am very satisfied . "
'Ghunpoka' I hope soon to be broadcast on the channel. l

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