Mousumi, Riaz together for the first time in the telefilm

Update : 2016-03-13 19:50:05
Mousumi, Riaz together for the first time in the telefilm

A large number of popular ZH minutes Cinematographers of Bangladesh and the audience praised the film is presented in its cinematography. But he was never included in the guidelines. This is the first time that ZH minutes for a tele-movie

'Megher Arale' title. telefilm story idea had been through, it's natakikarana while Helal came to him. Three-time National Film Award-winning artist started Mousumi direction and Riaz ZH minute lead role in this project. Meanwhile, after completing all the work, ZH wear telefilm I submitted to the channel. On-air telefilm will be announced at the level of the early channel. Mousumi and Riaz have been seen together in three movies and Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar worked together in a tele-drama. But around the first time this time paired together in a telefilm. Mousumi, "I share the experience of working in the film cinematography last ZH minutes, but this is the first time that I have worked under him. He has worked in an organized way. In addition, Riaz speaks in a straight line that is a beautiful mind, and is an amazing person with easily could be people interested. but we only work two or three movies together, but we always have a wonderful relationship. we both Scorpio, and said about the friendship that can grow with its people, "Riaz Mousumi, we know." but we meet a sudden, we see a wonderful friendship. I am his unconditional love am overwhelmed, and people look for. an artist like Mousumi born in each decade, and should be grateful for his great acting skills with an appropriate manner. "remember, Mousumi and Riaz film 'Ekjon Songe Chilo' directed by Shawkat Jamil and also worked long noted filmmaker Chashi direction of Islam together.

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