Mysterious, sudden engagement of Pori Moni

Update : 2016-02-15 18:26:41
Mysterious, sudden engagement of Pori Moni

News actress recently announced her engagement as audience-praised actress Pori Moni has taken a new step in the journey of his life. Announced a Facebook post,

which was deployed after working all day for the shooting of 'Swapnaja' Giasuddin Selim. According to sources, he worked on the filming of the movie all day Saturday until midnight. Then right after midnight, he posted a picture of a hand on top of the other with the caption, wear rings, history Kore Rakhbo Bhalobasa, Kotha Dilam. '

That post has certainly created a buzz in the entertainment world. The actress added that the secret to the situation and said, "I do not know it happened so suddenly. I guess love really is a mystery. I experience in real life, and, therefore, that I have the full engagement. "

Then the future was part of the identity of the bridegroom, and adding more mystery, he said, "I am the man who would not think. That can definitely spoil the surprise. I say that entertainment is not related; on the contrary, he is a businessman. "

That he might mention that one day the man who can post a real picture may be with him. Director Swapnajal ', said Giasuddin Selim, "I worked till midnight shooting. Then he made that post. If there any news, even as signs or seem to be the slightest hint of something on top, I certainly will get an idea. I think that is just all out fun. "wants to be anonymous that film another source said, "I think that it is a response to a publicity stunt." this comment, the actress said, "it really does not matter who says what. These people say are, I will take this as a blessing. I have no doubt about that. My engagement and it is 100% accurate. "

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