Lux Star Ishana litigation

Update : 2016-02-10 12:08:01
Lux Star Ishana litigation

Mounita Khan Ishana defamation case has been filed against the actress Mounita Khan Ishana for alleged derogatory comments about a producer.

Manufacturer Maruf Khan filed the Tk 10 million defamation case on February 3 with the court of Chief Metropolitan Magistrate of Dhaka.
Prothom Alo said Sunday that did not adhere to send former Lux- Star Ishana and set a derogatory comment about him.
Ishana Sohojatri title, shooting a game, under the banner of Arnima Vision Maruf production house.
In the presence of co-stars on the set Maruf Ishana January 7 obscene comment, she said. Meanwhile, his co-written a comment to the stars.
Maruf said he immediately brought to the police on the set after hearing the audio clip.
"Police were ready to take the station Ishana. But he left without the actress Dolly Johur as taking Ishana the police station," Maruf said.
Later, Ishana event has been posted on his Facebook account.
Maruf, after filing a defamation case he decided to found the post.
Ishana said, "Builders used to go out with shopping and eating to draw me in. I was very uncomfortable with his offer. I heard that he was one with him as told by another actress abuse case refused to have. "
"That at one point he said I have to develop a friendship with him, I can not go forward. As a result I lost my temper and bad comments on that," he said.
Ishana he has decided to stop the drama and threatened to sue the manufacturer.
"I was told that I would be exposed to the world. This is a thing a woman can not publicly say that he said that," Ishana said.
Maruf said, "We have apologized for his good Ishana where a video clip. I have the court has gone. Now who is right and that the court will decide who is wrong."

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