Runa Layla's item song!

Update : 2015-11-10 18:47:07
Runa Layla's item song!

Popular singer Runa Layla 'Mahua Sundari' to name an item song in a film. Saturday night, the film's production company has released

the video of the song.
'Fuler ason fuler boson, fuler bisana' film's title song. Pori Moni heroin leap to sing this song. Pori same item had danced on stage with the song.
Emon Saha Mahmud and was written by songwriter Jewel. Roushon Ara Nipa film and he also wrote the screenplay, producer. Mahua Sundari Pori Moni star. In addition, in the film Mamunur Rashid, Suchorita, Summit, Jayaraj and are more work. There are six songs in the film. Emon Saha and Amit Chatterjee music composition.

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