Secret Dogg and bapi Lahiri south Director SK Basheed

Update : 2015-11-02 14:14:51
Secret Dogg and bapi Lahiri south Director SK Basheed

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Music composer-singer bapi Lahiri and international rapper Secret Dogg Korea Director SK Basheed track for the start of Bollywood active 'Patialla pegg' 'has received.
This song, after Singh Is Kinng is Hindi cinema with the American artist's second gonna, continents worldwide will be shot in a single locale.
Jordan is currently scouting locations for the producer, song, with a young Bollywood flick header is 100% useless fellows foraying ", says. Seven top music director and one of about 25 singers will be participating. bapi Lahiri, Lesle Lewis, Ismail Darbar and message Shandilya are already signed and in a conversation with me as well. "

'Patialla peg one type of music that will be gujahata a peppy number campaigning, he promised. I want to connect with young people ", says. Songs My film will bring to the table is worth a peek. I bapi Da Secret Dogg are my creative team for the movie'm happy with that. Efforts Take it to a whole new level. I, along with all the music director and artist with a great ministry is planning to visit. "

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