Sonnalli Salman, she wants to see the movie

Update : 2015-10-30 13:38:41
Sonnalli Salman, she wants to see the movie

Sonnalli Seygall 2. So, the actress has garnered all the film's sequel, that's given about the response that came as no surprise, love love Punchnama and Punchnama was a part of both.

However, Salman Khan for his film Tweet seventh heaven thanks. She loves in an interview with Punchnama 2 will want to get to see, when questioned as to who, Sonnalli before taking the name of Salman did not miss a beat. She Salman was shooting in Sultan knew that while, in fact, that meant a lot to her as she wants to be a movie actor sees, stressing that . Well, we Sonnalli will know that now, we Salman actress' silent pays careful application, you want to see.

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