Shahrukh thanks Salman

Update : 2014-10-31 02:31:41
Shahrukh thanks Salman

Bollywood Khans takes to compete in the always unseen. Big boss inviting Shahrukh Salman was still on stage. Therefore, in the face of the Salman Khan is thankful for the tune.

Pictures have been released recently starring Shah Rukh-Deepika 'Happy New Year'. Take the time to pursue the release of the film appeared in its creation, India's biggest reality show 'Big Boss''s rooms. Salman Khan is playing the role again as Reporter program execution. Special interest because of the Salman saharukhasaha 'Happy New Year' photo of the whole team is to be invited to 'Big Boss -8' s set. Through which to pursue his photo campaign.

The 'Happy New Year' as a successful film business Shahrukh himself has broken all records. Bhulenani in the normal way to pay tribute to Salman. So I got in front of reporters to pursue said, "I mind him [Salman Khan] Thank you. It is evidence of the relationship between the two of us there is no problem. "

The fissure is about 008 since the two Khan. There is one incident after another closed terms for two people. However, over the past two years and a half the pair quietly feel the cracks in the relationship. However, in relation to their ghanisthamahala Khan says two things hard to tell in advance.

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