Internet: TV shows, an emerging Medium

Update : 2015-10-28 12:57:06
Internet: TV shows, an emerging Medium

Today's jatara totting viewers are watching television, thanks to the Internet is changing the way. Many of these people because there is no longer a small device and a time and place convenient to watch their favorite shows on a social media site

that allows access only Traditional TV screen on TV view the content.
The rise of Internet technology with Internet-connected computers, tablets and greater use smart materials and unique broadcast television managers and owners think policy is.
'' More and more people on Youtube and similar sites, TV Are watching the show. This content uploaders gets a few video depending on the number of hits, which is a good way to generate income. Your income grew more popular hits teleplay- maker Ali Fida Ekram Tozo said.
General viewers see alternative access method, and indeed commercials without being delayed by a television set to watch your favorite shows without having to depend on when, where and how big the control means.
'In this fast-paced modern life, it's time for watching TV shows is not always possible,' 'pharahana Rahman, Mohammadpur, a banker said. '' And made it ever harder, so many channels and e fact that there are breaks. So I came without commercials that started watching the show, uploaded on the Internet, '' he added.
Fardina Mehrin, Jatrabari a student, going through Youtube clip, when he can use his freedom. '' I is my favorite actor and actress has appeared in the show can see and play. Plus, see me later and also I want to see, want to leave that part to show that you can set aside, '' he said.
People can view and download programs, where in recent days, some online portals have emerged with Youtube. And Google AdSense and local transportation for goods from internet advertisements.
Nawazish Ali Khan, ATN Bangla at the program's advisor, in its program to upload that some form of help with the station talked about the deal. '' We at the farm every upload to receive an amount and take the money hit. '
Usually, broadcast on television programs are only uploaded. '' We are able to reach more viewers, '' he said.
Ishtiak cream, an IT engineer, Google pays explained. Google to attract good traffic, which pays for video clips. Usually, it hit (the equivalent of about 80 paise) pays one percent. Video is popular among viewers, it gives Google AdSense advertisements and income that gets higher in this case, '' he said.
However, no matter streaming online has become convenient for viewers it is still not profitable enough for uploaders. International card and bank account money and not many uploaders facility depending on, '' Tozo in the Bangla language because there are very few television shows and teleplays get good traffic.

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