Adnan Sami could soon become `Indian`

Update : 2015-10-26 18:57:55
Adnan Sami could soon become `Indian`

Pakistani artists working in India for not allowing protests against Indian politicians to Bollywood stars to be granted Indian citizenship Pakistani musician Adnan Sami is seen as very likely that sounds.

Union Home Ministry as 'Kabhi toh · rah Nazar milao' in India had been living for more than a decade, mekara hit, Indians can now become an Indian citizen in view of his distinguished contribution to his naturalization one is considering giving citizenship music.

His Pakistani passport under the non-renewal, in August in India was allowed to stay indefinitely.

Adnan, a Pakistani Pashtun father and an Indian Kashmiri mother was born in London. He brought in an aristocratic family and educated in the UK, but on the contrary, he was a Canadian citizen.

Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, aatif Aslam, Ghulam Ali and Ali Zafar in the country recently for performing Indian political party that has been targeted by the Pakistani artists are among the more.

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