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Update : 2015-10-25 10:18:56
All the MIM

Bangladesh's film industry circuits, thin and beautiful Fraulein, Bidya Sinha Saha MIM on the screen, along with being a talented actress, is a chic and elegant model. "Lux-Channel I Superstar 'winner of the 2007 edition of the competition, the

novelist and film maker Humayun Ahmed's film' Amar Ache Jol 'in 2008 made his debut on screen. Clear off working in TV dramaTo change that JOL ". This week, the Star yesterday that the film industry, she has come here to find out how she meets, and she with some of his personal side with the bit, is planned for the future.
What do you appreciate all the industry and it's "lights, camera, action rolling and feels routine?
Honestly, my fans gave me. They have showered me with love and immortal Achey Jol "for my performance in" Meril-Prothom Alo 'I am honored with the prize. I especially "Poddo character Jol" "Fuleshwari", appreciated the different roles played. I have for some time, which is a reminder that'll think. As for the daily routine, I really do not feel bad about it. Sometimes I stress shoots almost every day, takes its toll, so there's no time to relax, just. Someone to show me a conscious whenever it is all worth it.
You manage everything, and tomorrow is going to work?
I have worked in both television and film, so I both mediums characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages, as set their own try not to separate. I know what I have to play and bring new work when it comes to the character that is always my first priority is trying to focus on. I will be playing the character of all the details and find out about the different or not, I really prefer to play the role monotonous as some unique, try to see if. I long as I hope the audience can deliver as I believe will continue to accept. I work in both mediums, and most of the time to enjoy being busy with work.
What about your co-stars? What was your experience working with?
I work with wonderful and talented people who have supported me and the best in all Productions. Ferdous brother who makes his acting is superb and meticulous in everything. Along with me for a short term, Saqib Khan has worked with and his popularity as he speaks to this need any introduction or description. Arifin Shuvo as well as a co-star in the overall effective. Emon is a very good friend of mine, so I love working with him.
What do you motivate?
My mother would say my greatest inspiration. He really wanted it for me, because as I'm here in the industry. "Lux-Channel I Superstar 'was the one who signed me as a competitor and I encourage further support of my family and I have supported from the very beginning. My mother is with me and I is busy working, while always does; it is not an easy thing to do, which waits idle. someone to admire my work, when he and all the hardship worth it So it was not, I would not be able to work. As for industry, I Suborna Mustafa acting and personality to find very inspiring. I also Shabnur and that Purnima Shabana and Bobita work of Madame find beautiful. I also find Joya Ahsan, a wonderful actress.
In addition to his acting career, as well as a model of you are very successful. Tell us about your sense of fashion.
To me, fashion is keeping with the times and trends. New design, tastes and styles is very important to stay up to date. I found what looks good on me and I'm wearing, make sure you feel comfortable with him, try to emphasize. Personally I prefer wearing a shirt, but everyone asks to see me in a sari spectacular, so I try more often wear a sari.
In the near future, fans of what's in store for your score?
I Wazed Ali Sumon's "sweetheart" is coming soon, which has starred in bapi. Music is out now, and fans responded well to it. I was tensed at first, but then, I end where I co-starred with amazing Soham Rajachandra upcoming Indo-Bangla release "Black", finished. It is due to be released on Kali Puja.

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