Tanvir come back flim

Update : 2014-10-31 02:28:25
Tanvir come back flim

March was the year 'mayanagara' film debut model and actor Tanvir barapardaya through. After several days of continuous shooting suddenly stops working on the film. Evidence that did not stop the photo nabagata this hero.

He has touched the sky dream to work with. Got hatenatei results 'Flowers and final' through photo. This film was directed against Tanvir Malik aphasari Bobby remains. Soon after the release of the film, he was able to draw attention to flim. This became a familiar face in the neighborhood, Tanvir dhallywood with pictures. But the dream of which he skyrocketed and are satisfied alpate?

With only a half-year journey of her film. In the meantime, Ispahani Arif managed by the 'Gangster-The Terrorist', Shafiq Hassan directed sbapnachomya 'and Ismat Ara directed mayanagara shooting the movie has ended.

There are a lot of finishing work on three pictures abhisekasaha Tanvir breezy mood. Newly released films whenever you can understand now how far will this hero. The banlameilake Tanvir said, "I have done three photo mayanagarasaha. All films are slated for release this year. When released films, darsakarai will criticize me. He'll do the next. "

By Tanvir has already suggested several films. A photo of the new jobs in the next month is going to start. In the context of the new image Tanvir said, 'Why do not seen before named are going to start working on a photo. Ranjan adventure film is doing. The newcomer will be played against me prthi heroine. "

Tanvir to start working in the media tell the story said, "by a friend of my brother Mostafa Sarwar Farooki Assistant Majid hayachila my identity. He got his chance to work with the operator of a tibhisite. Ad campaign immediately received an overwhelming response. As a result, several consecutive moves me the opportunity to work as advertised. "

Besides advertising chotapardaya 'mind in the sky', 'Love Love Knot' or 'conflict' as the popular Daily sopeo Tanvir worked. But suddenly, the breeze from the television screens go. Asked why Tanvir said, "This is the moment for me to work in several advertisements and drama has to offer. Ideo turned down an offer to play even played. But I gave them back. Because I'd like to think of the film. This does not mean I will not work on television and in advertising. Selectively abasyei will do better when given opportunities. "

Barapardaya after starting work for the first time last Prophet went to visit his home district Tanveer Sultan. Every man to walk on the road leaving the village for his love and passion for what you understand. In this context, he said, "I went to the village Bengali movie downloads, watching mobile phone small children. One side of the house are going to walk down the street, he saw a small boy, my side trip to another trip once the phone. Then watch your movies on mobile says toothless teeth were out. Understand the rest of the flowers and the final image that looks railana recognize me. I would like to work more like the soul. '

Tanvir is now one meditation, and knowledge of the film take place in people's hearts with his talent and effort. He would have been hailed film.

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