George Clooney wants to father

Update : 2014-10-22 03:04:37
George Clooney wants to father

I can not wait to get his own junior version of George Clooney. Some of you understand? Hollywood perotei parents want to be the star of the wedding month. It

's not for the children to take home to spend even worse, he said.

Clooney alamuddinake are happy to marry a British lawyer Amal. Italy, Venice was the pomp. Doing the dinner, this couple in England. They are about to give another party the next week post-nuptial.

7 September, 36-year-old married the 53-year-old Clooney amalake. House on the River Thames denasaphilda private spheres of their wedding formalities are completed. Several members of Amal's family in England. So consider them a luxury hotel in South East England are organizing events Clooney.

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