Bipasha Basu injured

Update : 2014-10-22 03:02:29
Bipasha Basu injured

Keep an eye on the list of recent pictures of Bipasha Basu, will feel that he is in love with a ghost. 'Raj Three', 'spirit', 'physical style kriyecara thridi all. The list was further increased, by virtue of ayalona. This picture of her starring in new horror style.

The accident happened shortly after the start of the drsyadharana. Bipasha got ankle injury. But others are not so stronghold 35-year-old actress has continued to work on that. Post pictures of your injured leg inastagrame he wrote, 'ankle is swollen' alone 'photo set. And I'm going to do the scene kataracchi klaimyaksa pain. I do not like it takes me. "

'Ragini MMS tukhyata bhusana managed Patel' alone 'will be released next year on January 16. The Co-stars Karan Singh Grover Bipasha. This is the first picture of television actor.

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