“Ucchotoro Byaboharik Shikkha”

Update : 2015-08-22 13:06:58
“Ucchotoro Byaboharik Shikkha”

Emon, who started his journey in the world of entertainment through television, has not been seen regularly on the small screen. The actor is now returning to TV plays after a five-year hiatus, with a special drama for Eid titled “Ucchotoro Byaboharik Shikkha”. Written by Rumman Rashid Khan and directed by Moinul Wajed Rajib, it pairs Emon with Mehzabien for the first time.

Emon's last shooting for TV was also with Khan and Rajib, for “Bhasha Pelo Bhalobasha”. He said although some TV plays starring him had aired since, they were all shot before. Terming films his primary focus right now, Emon said he's not opposed to doing work for TV occasionally, if the scripts work for him. He also said he enjoyed working with Mehzabien for “Ucchotoro Byaboharik Shikkha”, and added that there are some teachable moments in the play.

Mehzabien, who has worked with Emon on stage shows and award functions, said working with Emon on camera was smooth experience. She also informed that she plays Emon's wife in the drama, and hoped that the audience will receive it well.

“Ucchotoro Byaboharik Shikkha” will air on a private channel this Eid-ul Adha.

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