Joler Gaan

Update : 2015-08-18 10:44:23
 Joler Gaan

The songs of monsoonal tipper-taper have come to an end; now it is time to float on an autumnal cloudy raft of music.

To augment your musical thirst and appease it in a melodic way, popular folksy band Joler Gaan is all set to drench music lovers in an unplugged musical adda titled, “Megh-er Bhelaye Joler Gaan”.

The Daily Star proudly presents a two-hour (6:30pm to 8:30pm) musical adda at The Daily Star- Bengal Arts Precinct on August 22.

Apart from performing songs of soul and soil of Bangladesh, the band members will take part in a vibrant musical adda with the audience and The Daily Star family. Music lovers keen on participating in the programme, watch this space for updates on passes.

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